Marianne Camporeale’s threatens violence as MORTe deals dirty

The interest in the last story on former HHA commissioner Marianne Camporeale was off the charts but the story isn’t quite over. MSV will have more on that later but let’s look closer at Camporeale’s threats and MORTe joining in dirty dealing from the bottom of the deck.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla objects to “injecting age and disability,” into the State’s letter  announcing there is a HHA vacancy due to Camporeale’s failure to complete mandatory coursework with her last attendance going back to 2010.

Council members Michael Russo and Terry Castellano ignore the law and State letter and continue to insist disability is a reason with Castellano sniping, “it’s a factor.”  Russo complains about “circumstances” as Marianne Camporeale snipes from the crowd.

None of this has anything to do with the NJ statute.  The NJ Department of Consumer Affairs notes it can not grant any extension and has no authority to do so.  The exact same law led to then Councilman Ruben Ramos being forced off the HHA

Marianne Camporeale yells from the first row with much not being picked up on the microphone including her now infamous threat to “wring that gavel around your neck.”  It case the Council President didn’t hear it, she repeatedly screams, “Get a hearing aid.”

Council President Bhalla notes her behavior is in line with her fitness to serve as Terry Castellano ignores the former HHA commissioner’s behavior and snipes, “You have no respect” as Bhalla attempts to get Camporeale to settle down.

Councilman Michael Russo would later deny a similar occurrence had happened previously in Hoboken specifically involving then Councilman Ruben Ramos’ removal from the HHA.

His claim is factually untrue as a Hudson Reporter story reported the exact same circumstance impacting Ramos.  According to that story in December 2003 at an HHA meeting:

“I do have one thing to note,” Washington addressed the board and the audience. “The DCA has indicated to me that Commissioner Ramos has not completed two courses that are required [to remain commissioner]. Therefore, as of today, Ramos is considered to have resigned his position.”–It-looks-like-a-circus-in-here–Board-asks–Who-should-oversee-the-federally-funded-housing-projects-?

The story details Ramos attempted to circumvent the law before yielding and announcing he was resigned to it under the exact same circumstances from the State of NJ DCA.

Talking Ed Note: There’s one safe way to distinguish what’s true from Michael Russo.  He’s not lying if his mouth is not moving.  Other than that, let the listener beware.

The Hudson Reporter had this story covered but failed to mention the State statute being enforced in New Jersey and previously in Hoboken.  Their own archives are the source of the 2003 story.  The question is why don’t they want to go there?

Unrelated: Grafix Avenger has a real mystery on her hands.  Who is leaking confidential BoE information on a personnel matter to the Hoboken411 minions now operating out of Edgewater, NJ in Bergen County?

Yet another Data Theft Conspiracy?  This one looks like a simple game of clue.  MSV would note that the current BoE commissioner on the outs who could not find a ticket to support her for another term – Maureen Sullivan, has been previously accused of leaking confidential information.

Mason’s paid minions now in Edgewater were also active in backing Maureen Sullivan’s Real Results ticket two years ago along with the failed backing of both Ricky and Beth Mason and the website running their political operations Hoboken411.

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