Pupie packing NHSA ‘retirement’ party

Some might find it odd a Hoboken board position sees a change of membership with the predecessor feted at a ‘retirement’ party by a long time vendor.

Others might find it strange that the same board position requiring regular City Council approval sees the change with an announcement of a “retirement” versus a public action inclusive of a vote. After a quarter century, perhaps the City Council vote was the true norm, a mere formality.

Hoboken is after all part of Hudson County.

A recent Frank “Pupie” Raia ‘retirement’ party was missing one current North Hudson Sewerage Authority member who did not get an invite from the dinner honoree or the vendor: Kurt Gardiner.
Before the unofficial retirement dinner, one more desperate foray into West New York tried to salvage a NHSA commissioner seat for the Pupster. 
According to reliable sources, it came with incessant begging and offers to West New York Mayor Felix Roque of future political support and an open checkbook if the seat could be routed keeping the status quo. 
Roque, already fending off a second indictment from the Feds related to his pain management biz opted to leave the door closed to a deal likely to generate more scrutiny from the FBI.
How did the right to a lifetime North Hudson Sewerage seat with a $5,000 stipend and grandfathered health care benefits go so wrong?
One could blame City Council members and Hoboken reform voices screaming at same or how a usual deal had gone horribly wrong.
All would be fitting but if the Pupster wants to point fingers and place any blame, well, okay. 
Blame this horse.

The Pupster. 

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