Another yuge victory for Trump in Nevada

In his third victory in a row, New York City’s Donald Trump continues to roll, this time with an overwhelming win in Nevada.

The Establishment Republicans received a dose of reality from a western state and it isn’t heartwarming for the status quo as Trump took 46% of the vote in a five candidate field.

The Democratic Establishment can’t be feeling any better and may be reaching for the antacid medicine. Trump took a similar percentage of Hispanic votes and did so against two Cuban-American candidates who distantly dueled for second and third place.

Worse, Trump’s totals dwarfed not only the paltry amount Hillary Clinton received in the recent Democratic primary, his votes exceeded both hers and socialist Bernie Sanders combined!

In less than a week, Super Tuesday will put a real hammerlock on the nominations of both parties.

Donald Trump and his family saw a glitzy Vegas victory in Nevada last night. His stunning victory featured a strong Hispanic vote shocking establishment Republicans and Democrats.

Talking Ed Note: Hillary Clinton with the prospect of a big victory looming in South Carolina is quite literally running for her life.  Another legal decision yesterday put her withheld emails and that of her aide, Huma Abedin front and center in a saga of intrigue and law-breaking.

If Clinton doesn’t win in November, she may face indictment for breaking numerous national security laws. Trump has promised to address the matter if elected.

As it stands, the anger of Americans against the federal government may lead to an all time first in November presidential elections with a moderate liberal NYC Democrat taking on an all time Clinton Corruptocrat.

Strap in for a wild ride.

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