President Trump & the ChiCom Virus Task Force “The media is so corrupt,” Hoboken cases spike

President Trump addressing the nation with the task force.

On the plus side, President Trump noted there’s a number of tests being conducted for therapeutics and vaccines.

The US has officially passed Communist China with the most cases but no one believes the latter’s numbers are anything close to accurate. US testing is ramping up but the CDC opted to make their own tests without partnering with private enterprise, completely counter to Germany to no small irony. As a result of the failure of the CDC’s test failure, the entire system methodology had to be restarted.

The constant Fake News by the media seeking to undermine him and by extension the country is one passing highlight. It’s as much the enemy as the virus. There is no reprieve as after 9-11.

The United States is taking steps to further secure the border, both in the north and south.

The stock market has been on record-setting increases the past two days with the emergency stimulus package pushed by President Trump finally being pushed ahead. Last weekend, five committees worked on a bipartisan basis and were almost complete in the efforts on a two trillion dollar plan when Nancy Pelosi (D) got on a private plane and flew to Washington DC to stop it.

The introduction of a 1400 poison pill of on-the-shelf wish list having nothing to do with the pandemic was ill-received by the American people. On Friday, the House is expected to pass the Senate bill on a voice vote.

Dr. Deborah Birx for the second day in a row notes the media predictions don’t match to the actual data. The media took not a single opportunity to ask about it. She noted, the majority of the caseload increase in the country is coming from New York – New Jersey.

She noted that in New York City there are thousands of available and unused ventilators. She asked the media stop the fear mongering.

Video remarks begin after the 31 minute mark.


Hoboken case figures bump up again

16 new cases were added today in a late Thursday release bringing the total number of cases of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Coronavirus to the area of five dozen. One is a Hoboken police officer but that individual has not been on duty since mid-March so there’s been no recent contact with the public.

To date, there’s no word of a single hospitalization of a Hoboken resident but the City states that Hoboken University Medical Center is struggling. Where are the cases coming from? It’s not clear.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla asks for residents to go out only when necessary and avoid others as anyone could be a carrier. He thanked federal “leaders,” in the NJ Senators, Governor Phil Murphy and Congressman Albio Sires for their work on the emergency stimulus package. Blatantly in his remarks, Ravi Bhalla pointedly refused unlike Governor Murphy to thank President Trump.

Let’s hope President Trump will continue to do the right things for America even when local low-level officials don’t.

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