President Trump and his Coronavirus Taskforce to brief the nation

In a few minutes a live briefing from the White House with President Trump and the Coronavirus Taskforce led by Vice President Mike Pence.

Yesterday, at the national briefing, a short video was played showing members of the media giving incorrect information on the emerging crisis earlier this year and showing their experts giving misinformation on the potential impact.

The media on the short video were not upset and responding to their words played back to them but the collective of media responded as if it was a hive. They deemed the video to be “propaganda” never explaining how the reflection of them earlier this year qualified as such. Nor did they attempt to explain why reflection of their actions before this public is out of order by President Trump.

President Trump presented a timeline and countered what he described as fake news with facts. This did not sit well with the hive mind. Their focus has been to try and rewrite the actions in January and since taken by President Trump to protect Americans. They with many Democrats and some Republicans were hypercritical by the shutdown of flights from Red China.

As Americans in some parts of the country are near the height of a fight to slow the spread of the Chinese Communist Party virus, other areas remain little effected and their respective governors are anticipated to be looking to work with the CDC to develop strategic plan to restart the economy. President Trump is expected to work with both in doing so. He’ll be facing a “resistance” as opponents seek to stymie any attempt at reviving the US economy.

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