NJ cases, deaths soar as Gov. Murphy sees lockdown into the summer

The pandemic impact of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) coronavirus in New Jersey continues to see soaring cases and new highs in deaths.

The compiled data shows 20,000 dead through the pandemic in the TriState area. In late January, President Trump took the drastic action to shut flights from Red China the end of January before cases and related deaths had impacted the US. A similar ban followed for Europe and then the UK.

Efforts at the state and local level to minimize the spread of the CCP virus saw little encouragement in the five boroughs of New York City as officials encouraged people to go out and “party” as that mayor offered.

Last week, New York City Mayor Wilhelm de Blasio said he had no regret for telling people to go out to their local bars.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy notes the need for more testing and stated the pandemic is likely to be an issue for state residents into the summer before measures ease on the near lockdown. 

The impact is evident in the grim tallies below.


Locally, Hoboken announced it has reached 336 cases with deaths at 18.

Most of the deaths in Hoboken are seniors. Of those rarely named in a Hoboken – Mayor Ravi Bhalla release, is Josefina Viruet, 70. She was the mother of Hoboken firefighter Danny Soto and retired Hoboken police officer Frank Soto.

Josefina Viruet was a resident of Marion Towers, a senior building in downtown Hoboken.

Josefina Viruet

Mayor Ravi Bhalla offered additional information on unemployment insurance, the importance of social distancing outdoors when exercising then urging people to avoid peak hours and the waterfront to combat the spread of the CCP virus.

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