Pre-election fun and games in City Council @ 7:00

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Time for another episode of the City Council sagas.  Hoboken is of course a live theater far more entertaining than most network television and your master of ceremonies Councilman Michael Russo almost never fails to entertain (as long as it’s not you seeing your tax dollars go up in smoke).

Tonight is an unusual meeting with a light agenda but don’t think it won’t mean there’s no fun and games.  Hoboken election season is all about fun and games and the Hoboken Sopranos live for this.

With the election momentum established by Mayor Dawn Zimmer, the best chance for the Old Guard is to come up with something to create as a side story meaning wild accusations will be flying!

Will it come up tonight?  Hey, if Da Horsey had something definitive it would be shared but we’re going on track records here.  With two Old Guard led tickets, fun and games is inevitable.

Let the games begin!

Here’s the resolution pack:

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