Pondering Pupie Power

With November elections off in the distance and most Hoboken voters enjoying a lovely summer with nary a thought of who is holding down the budget versus who wants to loot it; there’s a balance of power making itself felt.

The thunder is already being heard and felt in the distance.

It’s not Beth Mason’s latest saber rattling with petitions heading into the Fourth of July holiday for a ridiculous honorary Democratic Party position or the Feds who have piled up enough evidence with subpoenas in the Hoboken Housing Authority to turn the Mile Square completely upside down.

The Feds owe Hoboken some love but that’s another story.

The balance of power in Hoboken is Frank “Pupie” Raia, a developer widely known for bringing Shoprite, a commissioner on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority and a quiet, beneficent giver to many causes and individuals in town.

His recent efforts to get Hoboken a second flood pump are not the only objectives he has in mind. Those objectives are already giving fits to Third Ward Councilman Michael Russo, Ruben Ramos and Carmelo Garcia.

In 2013, Raia led the Timmy Occhipinti mayoral ticket effort against the Ruben Ramos mayoral ticket undermining the latter’s hope of successfully challenging Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s re-election.

Both the Hudson Reporter and the Ramos faction are not over it in what the weekend political paper’s column decries as a “debacle.

Fear and loathing are the watchwords as Pupie power is gearing up.

Frank “Pupie” Raia is the balance of power as Hoboken
City Council elections in six of the nine seats
are up this November.
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