Mourning in America

Today a holiday of some reputed national import encourages reflection and honorarium for a young nation. By any collective measurement, America outgrew its awkward adolescence stage in the 1960s when the collision of the Greatest Generation came smack up against the Selfish Generation.

Here’s a video taken by the American Legion of a self-acclaimed anti-police group who who are really the usual group of commie anarchists who’ve adopted yet another reason to be hating on America.

People don’t get mad at them as they used to which is unfortunate because after hating themselves, these are the same people who refuse to love America and its great freedoms unique to the world its advanced as a young nation. They are driven to its utter destruction any way possible.

The sad truth is as Americans become ultimately less educated and understanding on what America’s freedoms, Constitution and sacrifices stand for, they are being dumbed down and replaced with a foreign ideology hostile to America’s very existence.

Which brings us to this video where a group of Americans of all colors and creeds banded together individually inately knowing the people burning the flag need to be met with an equal or stronger First Amendment voice.

Too bad the country didn’t wake up sooner.

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