PolitickerNJ: Winners of the week: Roman Brice & Nancy Pincus; losers of the week: Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi

PolitickerNJ just weighed in with its winners and losers of the week. Astoundingly, not only did the prominent Hoboken bloggers get a mention, both are named second place top winners of the week!

Grafix Avenger: Winner of the week.

PolitickerNJ writes in its number two slot of winners:

Nancy Pincus & Roman Brice

Bringing to an end a politically charged trial, the two well known local Hoboken bloggers withstood a defamation suit in Hudson Superior Court this week when a judged ruled in their favor.

But the winners and losers PolitickerNJ story in regards to The Mile Square City didn’t end there. It lists among the losers of the week writing what one local paper oddly merely described only as a “Hoboken couple.”

PolitickerNJ writes naming its “losers of the week:”

The Bajardis

The husband and wife plaintiffs in a closely watched blogger trial could not demonstrate a finding of actual malice or reputational injury, according to Hudson County Superior Court Judge Patrick J. Arre.

Lane Bajardi at a Hoboken City Council meeting

Kim Cardinal Bajardi
after losing in Court.

Related: MSV selects Councilwoman Beth Mason as its top loser who announced Roman Brice was “on the verge of legal action” 15 days before the SLAPP suit was filed against him, Grafix Avenger and 10 other Hoboken bloggers.

Talking Ed Note: How much has this political operation using the courts cost to date Ms. Mason, $300,000, $350,000, $400,000? Don’t the people of Hoboken have a right to know?

Councilwoman Beth Mason: designated top loser

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