NY Post: 1010 news reader Lane Bajardi loses $2,000,000 civil lawsuit to Hoboken bloggers

The NY Post rang in Valentine’s eve reporting Hoboken residents Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi not only lost their two year plus litigation – they may be hit with legal fees of all the defendants!

From the NY Post story filed late Friday night:

A 1010 WINS news reader lost his $2 million defamation case against his blogging Hoboken neighbors — and he may now have to pay their legal fees.

A Hudson Superior Court judge tossed the Lane Bajardi’s case mid-trial, sending jurors home earlier this week even before the two local gadflies he’s sued had presented their defense.

The story continues reporting Lane Bajardi failed to prove actual malice, monetary or reputational damage suffered.

Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi 

The lawsuit filed July 26, 2012 announced the “Hoboken couple’s” complaint against more than a dozen Hoboken residents under their various screen names commenting on local websites.

Two of the named defendants in the complaint, Nancy Pincus who pens the satirical website Grafix Avenger and Roman Brice who covers Hoboken government, politics and corruption on The Hudson Mile Square View saw all the remaining allegations thrown out of court Tuesday morning.

Lane Bajardi with Councilwoman Beth Mason on a break during the 2011 council candidates forum.
At the July 2012 Hoboken council meeting, Mason announced Roman Brice was “on the verge of legal action” 15 days before Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi’s $2,000,000 lawsuit was filed in Hudson Superior Court.

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