PolitickerNJ: Roman Brice and Nancy Pincus are “First Amendment superstars and protectors of cyber-speech”

In a column featured today on PolitickerNJ, “The Hoboken Horse That Roared!” Donald Scarinci, a managing partner of law firm Scarinci Hollenbeck is sure to add to the dismay and misery of attempted First Amendment SLAPPers and Old Guard corruptocrats and their servile supporters.

The column focused on Judge Patrick J. Arre’s mighty First Amendment and frivolous litigation legal decision issued earlier this month pointing to two folks caught up along with a dozen Hoboken residents in a years long vicious SLAPP-suit.

Scarinci points to common folk across the country, re: lowly bloggers calling Roman Brice (the Hoboken Horse) and Nancy Pincus (Grafix Avenger) “First Amendment superstars and protectors of cyber-speech.”

Scarinci who pens not one but two legal websites including the “Constitutional Reporter,” isn’t exactly distancing himself from that celebration; he all but embraces it popping the champagne corks himself.

Alternatively, you can almost hear the sound of wallpaper being ripped down with ruined fingernails on upper Hudson St. to the gnashing of teeth at 14th and Washington.

Is anyone feeling the irony that so-called journalists Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi who quite literally feed off the fattened plate of the First Amendment spent years attempting to eviscerate it?

In the notable July 8th legal decision, Judge Patrick Arre on claims concerning the FBI investigated stolen emails out of mayor’s office found in Lane Bajardi’s email account and remaining allegations at trial wrote, “there was significant evidence to support the truth of Defendants’ statements.” Judge Arre – page 31

No pathological liar can trump NJ defamation law where “truth is the absolute defense.”

Councilwoman Beth Mason will be most unhappy with the news the people who successfully fought off a years long SLAPP-suit she loudly announced in a  live City Council meeting and supported for three years are now being called “First Amendment superstars and protectors of cyber-speech.”

What does that make her? 

Talking Ed Note: A horse can be a First Amendment superstar? I’m taking this column having it framed and sent over to my uncle, Mr. Ed.

After three years of a brutal litigation which saw more than five dozen motions, the vast majority issued on behalf of the “checkbook litigation” plaintiffs, “of limited means” their attorney JZ claimed, this is both overwhelming and humbling.

With sincere thanks to Mr. Scarinci; so kind of a constitutional scholar to take note.

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