Beth Mason poll deploys the Big Lie on taxes against Mayor Zimmer

The Beth Mason poll already plagued with its lack of any scientific requirement within the second ward is now traveling outside the ward like an out of control contagion.

One objective of the poll is pushing misinformation about Mayor Zimmer on the issue of taxes. (Don’t ask why, this is Beth Mason.)
Under Mayor Zimmer millions in spending have been reduced in the Hoboken budget and 
municipal taxes are down. 

Hoboken taxes are approximately 10% lower since Zimmer became mayor in 2009.

Beth Mason’s scorched-earth tactics and politics of personal
destruction has moved on from supporting the notorious SLAPP-suit
against Hoboken residents with a citywide poll selling Big Lies.
However, many taxpayers don’t look at the breakdown on their overall tax bill. Looking at the pillaging being done to the Mile Square City by HudCo, the County’s hammered Hoboken with 45% increases in recent years, almost 25% in the last two.
The Hudson County tax bill reigns over Hobokenites and is the highest of the three tax portions: municipal, county and schools.
Since most Hoboken taxpayers are working when the County Freeloaders make their hit at 6:00 pm and can’t find a go phone in their $500 million plus budget to broadcast their hijack meetings, Hoboken is quite literally suffering a blackout of a headache on all fronts. 
All of which is giving one fish and the team of Beth Mason political operatives visions of, well it’s hard to imagine what they think they’re doing. Beth Mason will not be running for any citywide position in Hoboken ever again other than maybe dogcatcher. 
The Beth Mason polling is scientifically useless, not only in the second ward but doubly so for the Mile Square as a whole. (The Mason family continues to keep bad political operatives employed, so there’s that.)
Some of the new questions in the Beth Mason poll places BoE trustee Peter Biancamano in the mix of second ward candidates. This should come as great news to Biancamano who will be pleased to hear third ward residents are getting word about him possibly being a City Council candidate in another ward.
Is there any new way for reckless political operatives to waste a candidate’s money?
The new Mason questions are designed to refurbish her scorched-earth image. After her support for a three year SLAPP-suit scalded by Hudson Superior Court, here’s what the Mason henchmen have concocted:
  • The Mason poll claims Beth Mason led the charge against Mayor Zimmer “raising taxes.”
  • As a council president (for all of eight months before being booted) Beth Mason “oversaw” the greatest repaving of roads “ever.” (The County will be thrilled to hear she’s taking credit again for their earlier efforts.)
  • Voted against a high density tower near PATH. No one is sure if Beth Mason’s political operatives are talking about a possible downtown hotel or NJ Transit. One of the few issues over many years in agreement was opposition to a towering NJ Transit sky scrapper.
And that’s it. Mason has nothing else to make-up and no POSITIVE record of doing anything: not in the second ward and certainly not for Hoboken.
Well, she did valiantly attempt to shutter the century old Hoboken hospital and ruin the City’s finances. Her political operatives lauded that opportunity as seen in their own emails: 
Talking Ed Note: Wonder what Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz thinks of recent Hoboken developments, legal and otherwise?

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