PolitickerNJ: NJ ELEC whacks Beth and Richard Mason


Beth and Richard Mason smacked with six ELEC violations

According to a story on PolitickerNJ, Hoboken’s litigious power couple just got whacked with a complaint by NJ ELEC for half a dozen violations stemming from the 2011 Beth Mason for council campaign.

The Mason’s are both listed as Richard Mason, a partner in the law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz was the official Treasurer of the 2011 Mason campaign in the race for second ward city council.

MSV has written extensively on the problems stemming from financial improprieties in the 2011 Beth Mason for council campaign, her $52,000 in street money distribution being one.

According to NJPoliticker:

Hoboken Mayoral candidate Beth Mason and her campaign treasurer husband failed to file in a timely way and filed numerous late reports tied to Mason’s 2011 mayoral campaign, according to the Election Law enforcement Commission (ELEC). 
In a complaint released today by ELEC, Mason allegedly failed to report expenditure information relevant to the receipt of in-kind contributions totaling thousands of dollars in the outstanding 2011 municipal election, according to ELEC.
The complaint contains six counts against Mason and her husband, Richard Mason.

Read the full story on the Mason family’s numerous violations certified in the NJ ELEC complaint:

Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.
The underwriter of all things Beth Mason and six counts of ELEC violations
as the treasurer to the 2011 Beth Mason for council campaign.
The 2011 Beth Mason for council campaign recently made the news when the campaign firm which ran the her campaign was subpoenaed for its role in the shady Vote-by-Mail operation in the recent case in Hudson County Superior Court where MSTA and the political committee Let the People Decide withdrew when the exposure on massive voter fraud became overwhelmingly obvious.

The early February MSV exclusive:

BREAKING: Beth Mason connected political firm Bluewater Operations subpoenaed

Beth Mason, Hoboken’s litigious councilwoman just got nailed by the law
for half a dozen ELEC violations.
Talking Ed Note: MSV has been reporting on the nefarious practices of Beth Mason for years and inquired directly and indirectly about numerous questions surrounding her late and incomplete campaign filings. 
Where does Beth Mason pay all her numerous political operatives? Who makes payment for all the advertising she’s done for TV and on Hoboken411, the cybersewer censored website she’s sponsored for years?
Lots of questions circling the Beth Mason shell company Newton, Lao, Leonard & Locke.
ELEC better crank up the fines because the Mason family will barely register notice. 
Related: MSV sounded the alarms and the media indifference back in 2011 in this story:

Unaccounted $52,000 from Street Money Mason and silence of the media lambs

Update: The violations also occurred during Beth Mason’s 2009 mayoral campaign. Lots to catch up on Hoboken’s litigious councilwoman.

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