Beth Mason’s transparent violations in City Council @ 7:00?

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The City Council will be meeting tonight, amidst some very lengthy campaign complaint charges against Beth Mason and her husband Ricky Mason. If the shoe was on the other foot, a full blown political operation would be staged featuring Mason political operatives rushing the microphone complaining about the transgressions.

The question is did Beth Mason know about her latest problems when she tried to make her questions about the employer of Councilman Ravi Bhalla an issue?  Mason forced the City to put up $20,000 to handle her inquiries on issues the City says are attorney-client privilege at just the last meeting.

The Old Guard typically operates with the idea offense is the best response to situations when their caught doing bad and this would be Exhibit A.

But will anyone from the reform council even ask Beth Mason for an explanation? Typically, they just do the City’s business and allow the Old Guard to skate. On rare occasions, things will come up when the Old Guard council is so out of control, they have to be reminded of their numerous outstanding transgressions against the people of Hoboken. Lots of uncollected monies from the Hoboken Sopranos well into six figures!

So tonight expect to get some paint approvals for bike lanes but anything more sizzling may be a bonus.

Of course the Old Guard council could stage some other distraction. They have enough people who appear regularly in front of the council on the payroll to launch a distraction from transgressions.

Beth Mason has however, hit the motherlode of transparent bad behavior.  Again.

Here’s tonight’s agenda:

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