Political forum of the Century

The eMedia to announce Hillary Clinton “debate” winner but its Americans who decide some in early voting already have

Tonight Hoboken will hold a public hearing on repealing the 500 foot rule at 7:00 pm. The forum of the century; not an actual debate but more a group press conference of the major candidates follows at 9:00. It’s not a debate as the forum is more akin to a press conference with consecutive answers of opposing candidates.

As MSV has predicted since the summer, the eMedia (Establishment Media) would suggest the polling indicates a tightening race after Labor Day. The so-called tightening is visible in the obvious weighting among the two parties and independents. (Guess which party benefits with this weighted ten point poll sample advantage? Answer: It doesn’t impact similarly on Election Day.) As the “debate” is scheduled for this evening, there’s expectations 100 million Americans will tune in making it the largest political event of its kind seen in US history.

The same eMedia polling: NBC/WSJ, ABC/WAPO, Reuters, etc. has mirrored their efforts to prop up the establishment candidate in Hillary Clinton. By any measure, it’s been a heavy lift as Americans show resistance demanding change in the wake of terrorist attacks at home, race incited rioting, Obamacare’s ever rising heavy premium increases (with more on the way) and a sense of malaise no matter the eMedia’s cheerleading.

The middle class is shrinking as a base of full time jobs are being outsourced or insourced with a replacement population competing at all levels of employment. Those dependent on steady manufacturing jobs find themselves competing for lesser work with immigrants crashing the borders further lowering their unsteady earnings in an environment where both jobs and wages are depressed and stagnant over years.

While most Americans have not voted and the outcome weighs in the balance, Florida’s early voting is tallied and for the first time ever a Republican presidential candidate appears to have beaten the Democrat’s presidential candidate. Handily.

The early voting Florida numbers according to initial reports 43% to 37% Trump over Clinton with 17% to independents. (Based on absentee ballot requests by party id.)

In another surprise, a CNN political analyst says Hillary Clinton faces a similar deficit in Ohio, is not expected to campaign there in the near future and appears to have capitulated that perennial battleground outright heading into Monday’s night’s debate. The suggestion is she needs to pool resources for other states and Michigan is looking worrisome with Colorado surprisingly in play.

The changes demonstrated in the two biggest battleground states historically playing pivotal roles in several of the most recent elections indicates the 2016 presidential sweepstakes is facing a new dynamic regardless of the outcome.

Both major party candidates face major questions under the spotlight. Trump who has put away double digits of opponents earlier called the best field of Republican candidates in history is continually questioned for his acerbic style and personally attacked seeing name calling like no presidential aspirant since George Wallace. The latter invited such attacks the former has not.

With one candidate remaining in his path, it’s Hillary Clinton’s own lengthy problematic history with her health being severely questioned. The eMedia never explained how her changing health explanation after a collapse at a 9-11 memorial in New York City changed from dehydration to pneumonia yet she appeared not two hours later saying she was “fine.” Can she make it through the 90 minute forum?

A new color adjusted video on Twitter of Hillary Clinton collapsing outside a waiting vehicle clearly shows her right foot dragging as she’s tossed into a SUV.

Tonight we’re closer to Election Day, some answers and not a little spin.

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