Councilman Peter Cunningham: Important legislative matters

From the desk of Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Dear neighbors, family and friends, 

There are a couple of significant legislative matters facing Hoboken which you should be aware of: 1) a demolition ordinance to protect historically significant buildings; and 2) an ordinance to repeal the famed 500 foot rule which pertains to liquor license locations.
Recently I wrote and expressed my concern (along with many of my neighbors) with how buildings of historical significance were being severely altered and taken down,  They were dangerously affecting the structures of adjacent buildings.  At last Wednesday night’s Council Meeting, we took a significant step to protect Hoboken’s historic past.  On first reading, an ordinance to protect historically significant buildings was passed 9-0, and I thank my council members, the Hoboken Historic Commission and members of the public for their support.  There’s more work to be done, but this is an important first step.
Secondly, there’s an important meeting tomorrow night at City Hall for the general public on the City Council’s potential repeal of the 500 foot rule.  Outright repeal, I cannot support.  However, if an amendment is carefully crafted to avoid the creation of “bar row” and encourage more appealing restaurants, that’s different.
My council colleague Tiffanie Fisher did a terrific job laying out the history, current considerations and what should be considered on such an important matter.  Please read her piece at
Please pass along to your friends and neighbors, and let me know your thoughts.
Thanks, Peter

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