Phil Cohen Updates the Community on Efforts to Control Hudson County Taxes

Dear Horsey & MSV readers:
The centerpiece of my Freeholder campaign, earlier this year,
was to push for an independent performance audit of county operations, so that
we can get a road map for achieving cost savings.  This year, Hoboken was hit with a 14.5%
county tax hike and Jersey City was hit with a 5.8% county increase.  This is especially hard on Hoboken residents,
as County taxes represent the single largest piece of the Hoboken taxpayers dollar. 
We all know that Hudson County can — and must — do better.
I have attended a number of Freeholder meetings since the June
primary, and advocated for the Freeholders to issue an RFP to retain an
independent auditor, so that we can get an independent, apples-to-apples
comparison of Hudson Countys
operations to other counties, and learn how Hudson County (like other counties)
can produce a budget with a flat levy, instead of one that increases, every
year, by 3% to 5%.  I have been heartened
by the Freeholders receptiveness to my proposal.
Thanks especially to Freeholders Bill ODea and Junior Maldonado for your enthusiastic
support of my proposal to move forward with issuing an RFP for an independent
performance audit, and thanks to all the Freeholders for your willingness to
entertain a new approach to addressing the county budget next year. 

-Phil Cohen

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