A political operative view from inside Hoboken campaigns

Hoboken resident David Liebler follows up on an earlier letter to MSV surrounding Vote by Mail concerns detailing his experience working on Hoboken campaigns.

you know I have been a reader since you started. I have also been a blogger
under my own name for many years, but decided several years ago to stop.
It was honestly just too taxing, negative and appalling the amount of
time it consumed me and the fighting with people I sincerely did not
enjoy. I needed to walk away from blogging and as you know I have NEVER blogged
under a fake name, not my style.
the record, many of your readers have only half-truths about me so I wanted to
clear the air and come clean about a few matters.
Peter Cammarano
it is true that I worked for Peter for free for the last two months of the 2009
campaign. I was sold a bill of goods by someone that I felt could really help
Hoboken and at the time I felt Councilwoman Zimmer was not ready, unprepared
and a nervous wreck half the time. Her first debate was a horror show and
I went with Peter.
did Peter’s website, digital media and TV/You Tube spots, Event marketing and
walked with him. That’s it.
earned a reputation on that campaign as someone who only would only do
POSTIVE MARKETING. One that to this day I still believe in and only do. 
Peter won
but during the last month, I heard all the same things that were written about
him and knew I made a bad decision. By then it was to late.
the record the only time I heard about Frank Raia and VBM’s was the night of
the election when Frank bragged about getting 600. At the time, everyone was
taking credit for Peter’s win and I thought nothing of it. Too green at the
time and did not know enough about the illegal VBM deal. I was living in
Hoboken for 8 years by that point and this was my first 2 months into the fray
of Hoboken politics.
Frank Raia
it is true, Frank hired my for a nice sum of money to run his Marketing part of
the campaign, digital media and walk with him. Later I found out he wanted to
walk with me because I was his “NEW” Hoboken yuppie to walk with. I
was already disgusted, but was paid and I never quit. It was only going to be
for a month and his chances of winning were slim to none anyway. So I created a
website, wrote his ISSUES, developed his TV commercials and created all of his
THE STUPID PUPPIE PART. Frank brought in other consultants who handled the PR
and field work which was fine with me as I did not specialize in either and was
still green to political marketing but was quickly gaining a brand reputation
as a Positive Marketer and getting calls from around the state and even
Governor Paterson at the time. I was also applauded by the entire Zimmer team
for never going negative and believe me I had my opportunities. I chose the
higher ground.
the end, I was not allowed in meetings, I never hired street people to gather
VBM’s etc. That was not my specialty, therefore I was not needed. In the end,
Frank lost, I held my head high until the next day when I saw Frank sitting in
campaign HQ writing checks by the hundreds to so-called “campaign
workers.” I was disgusted and vowed to myself I would never work for Frank
again. He is a fraud. I even started writing about illegal Vote by Mail (VBMs)
on the Hoboken Revolt website and Hoboken Patch, go see for yourself as I
thought the practice of buying unsealed ballots was disgusting.
I was stiffed by Raia which was classic for the last portion of what he owed me
because that is what Frank is known for in Hoboken. Big promises, then short
changing you after the election, because what are you going to do? Another
reason why I hated politics and working for them.
Hoboken Board of Education
is actually quiet simple to state. I have never worked on a BoE campaign and
your readers and comments are false and give me way to much credit.
is that simple.
Ruben Ramos
worked for Ruben for FREE. I helped created his issues, website, digital media,
PR, events and whatever else he needed because I believed he would have been a
great mayor. In regard to illegal VBM’s…I never saw an issue there and this
is another reason why I felt Ruben was an honest person. I am proud to
have worked with Ruben and consider him a dear friend to this day. He is a
wonderful family man, father and husband. I only hope he decides to serve
again, because I would help him in any way.
Beth Mason
had the pleasure of working for Beth for 6 months creating her website and
newspaper ads and that is it. The timing was not right for both of us to fully
commit to working together which was too bad because I really wanted to work
with her more on bettering the 2nd ward.
that is the untold truth about David Liebler and my political marketing
career. I have since left political marketing am concentrating on mobile
marketing and digital marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies and
possibly state and national political marketing focusing on mobile technology.
hope this clears up some matters and rest assured you have not heard the last
from me in Hoboken when it comes to issues that matter to me. Illegal VBM
and keeping our Hoboken elections fair is one of them.
you kindly for your time and I wish you and your readers a wonderful
A. Liebler

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