Peter Cunningham: Tonight’s mayoral speech is a vision for Hoboken’s future

From the desk of 5th ward Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Dear Friends, Family and Neighbors,

This evening at DeBaun Auditorium, Mayor Zimmer will address Hoboken with it’s first State of the City Address.  This very important meeting will outline many key issues and challenges over the last 12 months and a vision on where we are going as a City.

Please also allow me to indulge you with one other important matter.  As I seriously consider re-election this spring to City Council (yes I have pulled petitions) and ready myself for the campaign trail, I have set-up a Facebook page and Twitter account.  I believe these tools may be better solutions to move information more effectively.

If you are on FB, please go to my page for Council and “like” this page for updates and items of interest.  No worries, it will not be status updates like I just arrived at the super market.  We will use this medium first (along with email) before we tweet.!/pages/Peter-Cunningham-Hobokens-5th-Ward-City-Councilman/146241555426018

As always, thank you for your questions, comments (good or bad) and good wishes.  Please feel free as always to pass this note around, and reach out with any additional questions or concerns.  And I hope to see you tonight.

Peter Cunningham

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