Da Horsey announces resignation; MSV turned over to Griswell

If you read and share one story with friends this week, this linked one should be it.  That story reeks of such insight Da Horsey feels compelled to give two weeks notice: this resignation is final, all honor and glory is Griswell’s, who covers Hoboken like a dense fog.

If our volume of output could meekly rise to a tenth of Griswell’s insight and analysis, we’d reconsider but frankly after reading this piece, it’s impossible. 

The Old Guard will be hosting a spontaneous celebration in a downtown bar to be named later announcing Hoboken is now within their grasp and it’s only a matter of time before the dark ways are again holding all the levers of power with “On the Waterfront,” returning to its rightful throne bringing greed, graft, bribery, extortion, nepotism, incompetence and contempt for the Hoboken resident back at its rightful helm on top. 

And now MSV surrenders and leaves you in the remaining salvation of Griswell:

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