Peter Cunningham earns the “Key to the City” for 12 years of distinguished council service

City Council President Jen Giattino did the honors, and an honor it was at the last regular City Council meeting awarding Peter Cunningham a three-term councilman the key to the City of Hoboken.

Director Leo Pellegrini also attended the preliminaries to share in an award to the 12-year councilman who was known as the rock-solid voice for Reform and much needed financial leadership and expertise.

He blew the whistle and loudly on the million-dollar quarter’s scandal disappearing out of the Parking Utility, refused to surrender on political cynicism trying to see the local hospital destroyed and bankrupting the City in the process.

Cunningham emphasized his focus on “good government” and “best practices” praising the changes implemented. He pointed to Police Chief Ken Ferrante and Fire Chief Brian Crimmins as examples of great leaders in the Mile Square City.

He closed his remarks urging the City Council to “keep it going.”

The video begins with the awards and remarks by Peter Cunningham.

Talking Ed Note: Peter Cunningham was in recent years, the elder statesman of the Reform Movement. He kept that focus as much changed around him and never wavered on his focus for what’s best for Hoboken.

One of many great moments came in leading the City Council to push ahead and get to the bottom of the disappeared million dollars in quarters from the Hoboken parking meters. When Old Guard efforts tried to sweep it under the rug, he bellowed in opposition “there’s money going out the back door.”

Of course, in the end, he was completely correct.

It is one of the moments I will remember in best illustrating who Peter Cunningham was and how well he served the Mile Square City.

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