Pedophilia allegations emerge with Chinese Communists million dollar payoffs to the Biden Family

Multiple breaking developments in the growing allegations surrounding the FBI confirmed laptop of Hunter Biden, the 50 year-old son of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.

  • Reporter Chanel Rion confirmed for OANN “several images of a minor” further described as needing “immediate attention.”
  • Other reports there are many photos of one minor, age 14 who is an alleged relative and appears topless and in other provocative poses solo and in similar photos with Hunter Biden.
  • Rudy Giuliani, former US Attorney and NYC mayor detailed text/communications between the Biden family including Joe Biden and the widowed wife of Hunter Biden’s brother. Hunter Biden was having a sexual relationship with his brother’s widow.
  • Giuliani described a text from Hunter Biden about the widow’s complaining his sexual behavior was a family threat to Joe Biden.
  • Hunter is alleged being “sexually inappropriate” with a 14-year old girl while Facetiming naked with her on his phone.
  • The naked FaceTiming allegedly occurred while Hunter Biden was smoking crack cocaine.
  • Rudy Giuliani highlights a $10 million annual deal with multiple Chinese Communist officials earmarked for the Biden family where Joe Biden would need his own keys to the shared office.
  • Former NYC Police Chief Bernard Kerik joined Rudy Giuliani in turning over the alleged pedophilia material including the text messages between Hunter Biden and Joe Biden including about the alleged naked Facetiming with a minor to the Delaware State Police.
  • The State Police turned over the data to the Delaware Attorney General who immediately got rid of it  turning it over to the FBI.
  • The FBI confirmed it holds the Hunter Biden laptop and said it has nothing further to add beyond agreeing with the DNI John Ratcliffe it is not an instrument of “Russian disinformation.”

Yesterday, Joe Biden did a remote interview with a Wisconsin TV station where he denied wrongdoing but didn’t address nor deny any of the emails arising from the Hunter Biden laptop pointing to million dollar deals enriching he and his son with Communist China (in addition to Ukraine and Russia) where he is allegedly depicted and reported through confirmed reporting sources as “the big guy.”

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