Biden hiding as new revelations from the Hunter Biden laptop anticipated and 26,000 new emails emerge

As the 2020 presidential race enters the final turn, one candidate who bounced back from a three-day hiatus with a miraculous virus recovery is pounding the continental US and the other remains in hiding as more revelations of his family’s business dealings, some with America’s biggest enemies surface.

President Trump will be back in Pennsylvania later today for a peaceful protest in Erie. (Hat tip to Democrat governors for encouraging their Democrat BLM Marxist allies events during the pandemic earlier.) 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, the Democrat nominee has retreated to his Delaware basement calling a “lid” for the week until Thursday night’s final debate. He was last seen over the weekend standing with a milkshake and immediately fled when a reporter mentioned the FBI in connection to the Biden family overseas business activities.

It’s unclear if Hunter Biden, he of the forgotten and abandoned laptop at a Wilmington computer repair store in the spring last year thinks this is “Pop’s” a call to smoke another lid. 

Where’s Hunter?

Former US District Attorney and New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani who has acted as President Trump’s lawyer is predicting additional damning releases by tomorrow on several fronts. 

“There will be more financial criminal activity, more proof on the subjects we already have,” adding “even bigger deals that are eye-popping. 

More on the personal activities foreshadowing with, “And some personal conduct that has to be brought to the attention of the public to make sure people are safe. That has to be handled appropriately before they can be discussed,” before concluding it was visibly “criminal.” 

Amidst the whistling bombs about to land, the corporate Democrat media is twisting to avoid any discussion of the Biden family corruption in Ukraine, Russia and Communist China fawning uncertainty about the Hunter laptop emails.

This as former Obama administration officials and other Democrats like Congressman Adam Schiff have laughably resorted to blaming Russia. The Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe a former US Attorney and Congressman says US intel has “nothing” to do with internal assessments and is not part of any “Russia disinformation” campaign. 

Further, Ratcliffe said the US intel community has not provided any such “Russia disinformation” to Congressman Adam Schiff (D) and has nothing to do with the information from the Hunter Biden laptop. 

Wait, is Hunter about to be thrown under the bus as a Russian agent? “Thanks Pop!” 

Related: 26,000 emails were turned over to a journalist by a jailed Hunter Biden business associate, Bevan Cooney via his gmail account primarily involving Communist China, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 
Prepare to be labeled a Russian agent Bevan Cooney who is part of the Biden associates who worked to aid a Putin-connected Russian oligarch, the former wife of the Moscow mayor.
The alternative of course is unfathomable to Democrat party loyalists inside the US. It means the years-long Russia Collusion Hoax, the Mueller sham investigation, the Ukraine hoax and years of efforts to protect globalists-Chinese Communist government work will be exposed showing political links inside the top levels of the Democrats, their children and select Republicans. 
As this emerges, the Big Tech censorship alliance of Theftbook, Twatter and Goolag are further highlighted. The NY Post, the oldest newspaper in the United States is barred to the present from posting on Twitter due to their initial report which has seen confirmation in its details.
A Communist China investment firm linked to the Biden family is confirmed.  A 20% stake is shared equally between Hunter Biden and “the big guy” Joe Biden.
The Biden campaign is silent on the details connected to the emails and photos revealed on the Hunter Biden laptop and issued a generic “no wrongdoing” statement.
The more you know…

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