Parking permit renewals extended through end of February

City of Hoboken announces:


In a continued effort to rectify long-standing data omissions in Resident parking permit account records and non-compliance with the policies set forth in Hoboken’s City Code, the Hoboken Parking Utility announced today that it is extending the 2011 Resident parking permit renewal period until February 28. Current 2010 Resident parking permits in good standing will therefore remain valid until that date. All residents who park on-street with a Residential parking permit sticker are advised to have renewed their parking permit for the 2011 calendar year by the end of February.

Fixing Missing Address Information:
During this renewal season, HPU is focusing its attention on correcting account records to accurately reflect household addresses – both street address and apartment/unit number. This effort is being undertaken to ensure that residents are not incorrectly charged for multiple vehicles in their household. The standard pricing for Resident parking permits is $15 for the first vehicle in the household, $30 for the second vehicle in the household, and $90 for each additional vehicle in the household.

Questions About Renewal Notifications
HPU has received resident inquiries about receipt of renewal notification letters. While the majority of renewals have already been received and processed, a substantial number of renewals remain outstanding due to the records correction efforts described above. HPU will undergo a second round of notifications to reach these residents in the next week or two. In the meantime, residents can refer to the Resident Parking Permit Renewal Procedures webpage ( for detailed information on what documentation is necessary for an easy renewal process.    

What is a Household?
A household is generally considered the same as the United States Postal Service mailing address typically reflected on a resident’s driver’s license and vehicle registration; otherwise, multiple apartments/units in a residential building can be demonstrated using documentation such as current utility bills or tax records. When submitting renewal information, residents are asked to pay careful attention to including the necessary documentation to verify apartment/unit numbers and thereby establish to which household the permitted vehicle is associated. All vehicles registered to residents with the same mailing address will subsequently be considered part of the same household and subject to the pricing policies described above.

Online Permit Renewals
The City thanks residents for their cooperation with the renewal process. The Parking Utility is in the process of implementing a new system so that next year residents will have the option to renew permits online.

Other Questions
As always, Hoboken residents can easily contact HPU via email at, by phone at 201-653-1919, or during window hours at the Hoboken Parking Utility, Ground Floor of City Hall, from 8:15AM to 9:30PM, Monday through Friday. Please note that during permit renewal season it may take longer than usual to get a response to your inquiries.

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