Beth Mason flips the tables on City Council subcommittees


If you thought the damage sustained from the November 4th ward elevation of Tim Occhipinti to the City Council is limited to that body you’d be wrong and Councilwoman Beth Mason is working to ensure just that.  Even with the council ward elections up ahead in Spring, the new ‘majority,’ is moving ahead with tilting the subcommittees council people engage on in a number of below the radar but very important areas.

As the public recently discovered in the Monday subcommittee meeting on the rent control ordinance the other night, what is done there can be of critical importance with far reaching impact.  Much of the work is completed before reaching City Council for a final vote and will probably be the case regarding the new proposed rent control ordinance.

Here’s the new breakdown:
Hoboken Council Subcommittees 1-2011

Changes in key subcommittee chairs are the key to forwarding a Mason-Russo agenda controlling city government.

The most glaring example of this is Beth Mason’s installation of Tim Occhipinti to chair the all important Economic Development and Open Space Committee.  This key role leads Planning and Zoning, ABC Board, the Waterfront and Affordable Housing.  Has Tim Occhipinti ever attended a Zoning or Planning Board meeting?  Probably not, but his developer friends have.

David Mello was bounced from the chair of Parking and Transportation.  Taking over is Terry Castellano and she is joined by fellow family member Mike Russo.  Word on the street is that Russo’s unprofessional abuse of Director Ian Sacs reached new heights – or new lows, depending on your perspective of professionalism.  Their recent exchange on professional development entered theater of the absurd status when Mike Russo compared his physical therapy studies to Ian Sacs attending a credited transportation conference in Vancouver as part of his professional transportation development in engineering. 

Ian Sacs has instituted a number of far reaching policies improving parking and transportation in Hoboken while declining to institute the expected favors to the political elite.  Add to that the success of the Corner Cars program and you have a recipe for trouble.  Mike Russo is doing his worst to uphold his end.  Apparently, both he and Terry Castellano really are missing the old, dark ways under former Director John Corea.  (Corea is facing serious charges for embezzling $800,000 in Hoboken Parking meter quarters and the case is not yet concluded.)

Talking Ed Note: No word on whether Mike Russo found his “mistake” on the 55 tons of almost a million dollars in missing parking quarters yet or if Terry Castellano has indicated it’s been “cleared up,” not once, not twice, not three but maybe for the fourth time now in the subcommittee meeting.

Last, Mike Russo is again head of the Finance subcommittee!

Oh the web we weave, when our aim is to deceive.  Thank you Beth!

Parking & Transportation note: The Hoboken Parking Utility will announce today extension of 2011 Resident parking permit renewal period; 2010 permits valid until February 28 – according to a tweet earlier.

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