Opposing sides gear up on announced police layoffs

There will be a press conference featuring the Hoboken PBA at six tonight in front of City Hall signaling the beginning of a post summer push to get out a message of resistance on City Hall’s announced police layoffs.

The battle is expected to follow inside the City Council meeting with a number of police officers appearing in support of their colleagues who are facing both demotion and loss of their jobs.

One reader also submitted an online petition supporting the police.  As those things go, it’s often fraught with both real supporters and also some jokers.  Here’s the petition now up to 150 signers:

This online petition is intended to marshall support for the police but of course the nature of the beast as we’ve seen before with local online petitions is they can include some less than wanted signatures.  In this case, additional signees include Peter Cammarano (or someone claiming to be),  Mr. Boink Mazin, ex-police chief Carmen “God” La Bruno, ex-mayor Dave Roberts:

Here’s a link to the Hoboken PBA supported website:

But another reader, without knowledge of this story underway, just emailed his thoughts from the other side stating:

The Zimmer administration has taken the corrective action that we have all known is long needed in dealing with our bloated police department; and of course the police & their union have already taken the traditional old school response of scare tactics & are now planning to show up en mass at tonight’s City Council meeting.

Whether or not you agree with all of the specific details in the layoff & demotion plan, it must be agreed that the current reporting structure is out of balance, outdated and unsustainable and the the Table or Organization is upside down.
Please use the power of your sites to give a voice to the silent majority who do not show up to these marathon length meetings and want to see real change in Hoboken and urge them to come out in support of the administration, either in person, through letters & emails to the Mayor or letters to the editor of the local papers & blogs.

Enough with this discourse of fear and hate.
Summer isn’t officially over, but the battle over the police layoffs scheduled to be in place September 24th is certainly on.

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