City Hall: Police retirements = saved jobs


There’s been some back and forth discussion here whether police retirements impact the planned layoffs in the Hoboken Police Department announced by Mayor Zimmer back on July 21st.

An Administration official indicated in that earlier story retirements would reduce the number of layoffs but there’s been some comments in recent days here questioning if that is in fact the case.  In an email statement, administration spokesman Juan Melli confirmed it’s accuracy writing:

It has been Mayor Zimmer’s position from the beginning that if there are
cost reductions, such as may result from retirements or through attrition,
it would reduce the number of layoffs needed.
As this has been a point of contention in recent days, it’s probably a question also not clear in the public’s mind.  A recent story highlighted a post on a car enthusiast forum by a person who claimed to be an eleven year member of the Hoboken police force asking for the support of readers to vote in the poll here on MSV against the layoffs but also complained senior officers who could retire were refusing to do so and spare the jobs of younger members.

In addition, an invitation for a meeting held this past Monday with Chief Falco to discuss redeployment with the Administration was extended to PBA President Vince Lombardi numerous times but there was no response.  But the door is still not shut for any future discussion, “They are still welcome to provide their input,” Juan Melli added.

City Hall has stated its intention to maintain the number of police on the streets of Hoboken and the police union has contested the layoffs will have “no impact on presence and manpower” after the layoffs.

Related: Around New Jersey, a number of local police departments are negotiating new agreements even forgoing arbitration to protect the jobs of its members.

Talking Ed Note: If the PBA wants to help its members, maybe some internal discussions to urge those considering retirement do so now to benefit the younger members on the force would be in order.

With potential changes this fall in pension reform, what are they waiting for?

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