Operation Mermaid Dawn in Effect

The Zimmerists, Zimmertinis, Zimmerineez have successfully put into place Operation Mermaid Dawn and seized Tripoli.

Bored with the weak, corrupt opposition in Hoboken, they flocked into action to impose Zimmertini rule in Libya.  The final push came after a special City Council meeting where the Beth Russo opposition failed to sabotage a settlement leading to a sale of the local hospital.

Apparently Zimmerists have taken over Green Square in Tripoli

A defiant statement from Beth Russo is anticipated shortly and will be announced on Mason411.  Political minions have promised to counter this action and seize the Hoboken University Medical Center before it can be successfully sold saving Hoboken taxpayers $52 million.  They promise to make a last stand in the lobby of the hospital.

Tim Occhipinti promised to support the seizure saying he would rubber-stamp anything put in front of him by Beth Mason.  He added, “I’ve always opposed selling the hospital to this buyer.  I understand there is someone in Church Towers that may not get a courtesy lollipop on their way out after a doctor’s visit.  I can’t support this travesty and will vote against selling the hospital.”

Councilman Mikie Russo says he went to the hospital and was told there was no bag of cash for the Russo Civic Association nor his PAC “Russo for Hoboken.”  He declared the lack of cash in any sale not properly deposited as concerning.  “If me and my family are not permitted to ‘wet our beak’ appropriately in a $92 million deal in Hoboken, there’s something very wrong.  I blame Zimmer and the Zimmerists.”

The FBI is reported to be sending a team of negotiators to the scene.  Inane Blohardy, the spokesman who is not being paid to speak due to friendship is saying nothing will be left of the Zimmerists in the hospital and that he must replace Joan Quigley as hospital spokesman as a prerequisite to negotiations.  He demands a job contract in writing first.

Boss Zimmer could not be reached for comment.  She is rumored to be celebrating in Green Square.

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