Grist for the Mill: On corruption, Old Guard defense – ‘Politics’ and anti-Christie gripping

With Hoboken411’s always willing and able eager embrace of lies serving the Beth Russo hydra all but decapitated after the FBI visited City Hall last May, the tell tale signs of trouble have gotten around and it’s the Hudson Reporter’s Al Sullivan leading the charge in defense of corruption.

Status quo stalwart Sully has been tweeting and writing his column laying the groundwork against what they must know is coming: trouble for the lead characters “On the Waterfront.”  This one won’t be the movie, a sequel or a remake.

Sully was a lone voice speaking the Old Guard “values” in defense of Peter Cammarano, the now imprisoned ex-mayor long after his political support was exhausted and fell silent in town.  He’s declared the dozens convicted by the Feds in Operation Bid Rig III with many in Hudson County as nothing more than “politics,” evidence much of it wired and on videotape, the resulting convictions notwithstanding.

Sully’s evidence is based on empty boxes carried out of DCA Joe Doria’s home, who was never charged and/or arrested.  Who made Joe Doria resign anyway?  It wasn’t Chris Christie who wasn’t even at the Federal Attorney’s Office in Newark for the operation, it was then Governor Jon Corzine.

This time, Sully and the Hudson Reporter are getting ahead of the law enforcement wave.  No army of 6:00 am arrests will catch them by surprise this time.  Last week his twitter foreshadowed the defense, even when the Old Guard frog march and indictments begins:

Sully doesn’t like Gov. Chris Christie at all so expect him to link the Gov to Mayor Zimmer on a regular basis when the main subject is corruption.

MSV and Sully shared some recent neighborly exchanges on twitter, where Sully wrote:
There is never justice. Only politics.  Otherwise, the governor would be in jail, too.”

The exchange grew out of the “c” word – corruption.  MSV pointed out there is plenty in the here and now, while Sully countered with contracts with a Union City/State Senator above the hill – an indirect reference to legal contracts with a Hoboken City Councilman.

There’s the difference and one you can expect to hear about often in the weeks and months ahead when US Federal Attorney Paul Fishman gives the green light to start striking out at the whack-a-mole corruption crew in Hoboken.  They are a busy lot when not buying paper votes by the bucket load outright for Tim Occhipinti and maybe Beth Mason in the 2nd ward where she drew less votes than in her previous election run.  

The “loyal opposition,” re: Old Guard and its fanatical elements who will do anything to destroy Mayor Zimmer’s implementing good governance even if it hurts Hoboken in the process likely traded on mounds of data be it in email form, documents or snippets of either on confidential matters.  Some of the areas may include the Municipal Garage, vendor information and even negotiations with local unions.  The fascination with the emails of  the mayor’s staff and the reform writers appears to be just a dumb idea in comparison.

And the Newark Boys of Summer have it all now, and more – not to mention some Hoboken Sopranos who can almost reach the high notes singing a revised national anthem.  “Ohhhh say did I see, by the Hoboken dawn’s light.  Oh the absentee ballots we railed, those votes elected Tim Occhipinti….

Motivated with ambition for power: some names you may be hearing more about on the leak of City Hall documents and emails.  Hoboken411, the Queen of Transparency Beth Mason’s notorious stomping ground of political lies big and small has been suspiciously quiet for a while since the FBI came to town, after first saying the FBI “came for Zimmer.”
Original graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger from “FBI look here.”

Sully in his weekend Hudson Reporter column got the memo and a clue (re: someone forwarded him MSV Premium content) and he made the current Newark Federal Attorney the point of his “politics” rage right out of the gate.  He attacks the current Newark Federal Attorney Paul Fishman who happens to be a registered Democrat and who was supported by both NJ Senators for the job, also both Democrats.  (His eventual appointment was actually delayed several months by Republican Senators.)  Why be concerned with those trifling facts, there’s the Old Guard in Hoboken and Hudson County who need protecting.
By and by, the NJ Attorney General’s Office is certainly going to have either an
official or unofficial role in any criminal investigation on Hoboken.
 After all, they’ve had a big fat file sent up from the Hudson County
Prosecutor’s Office last November labeled “Hoboken/Tim Occhipinti and company ” on it.  The current Attorney General, Paula Dow is a Democrat
from Essex County.  How will Sully make the upcoming Hoboken corruption
saga fit his “It’s all politics” for a Republican Governor to help Mayor Zimmer meme?  

We’re not sure, but we’re willing to be he’s going to give it the ole Hudson Reporter try.  That political operation is well underway.

Beth Mason poliitical operative Lane Bajardi speaking at the April 5th City Council meeting on Mike Russo FBI surveillance night.  He focused not on Mike Russo’s transgression but an attack on the Mayor, Federal law enforcement agencies and Councilwoman Carol Marsh at length.  Will Sully go as far as joining this exclusive club?  No, but expect the “politics” theme to be repeated early and often.

Talking Ed Note:  MSV tweeted to Al Sullivan’s tweet above with: Lots of trust in the Newark US Attorney.  Save this rationale for post-arrests Al.
We have little doubt based on past performance defending Peter Cammarano, Sully and others of like mind certainly will. 

Notes from all over: The Boken Online announced it has surpassed Hoboken411 in monthly US visitors.   The fanatical pro-Beth Mason website still extends stories on regular store openings/closing and the best continuous coverage of local car accidents heard on the Hoboken Police Scanner.  

Perry Klaussen will surely retaliate for such information becoming public.  He can buy traffic like he did for his twitter from the Far East or put in an order here. More likely, he’s just increasing the size of that order.

The City Clerk’s office counted 2,500 validated signature before calling it a day for the Old Guard referendum to keep municipal elections in the spring.  So a vote on when to have municipal elections will be scheduled, okay hold your breath here, this November, and you guessed it, on Election Day.

You can’t buy this kind of irony anywhere else outside of Hoboken. Congratulations to Frank Raia who led and bankrolled the operation, and Jamie Cryan and Franz Paetzhold who were on the committee (re: the front men) to ensure there won’t be roughly 45% more voters in a November municipal election.  One Old Guard source asked MSV if the City Council would repeal the move to November municipal elections.  Don’t know, we’re watching like everyone else.

Hoboken Patch claimed former CEO Spiros Hatiras was paid 600K but the truth is he’s not been paid the 600K. The vast bulk of his 600K will be paid (80%) by the anticipated new owners Bayonne’s Holdco after the sale of the hospital in 2012.  Somehow Hoboken Patch fit the ex-CEO severance error into the middle of an unrelated City Council story.  The City Council neither votes nor approves any salaries or severance at the hospital.

The Jersey Journal reported the severance package was part of Hatiras’ contract.  As it turns out all the finger pointing on that issue is incorrect along with the false claim 100K would be the responsibility of Hoboken taxpayers.

It’s late August and the temperatures are moderating, but the heat is only just beginning in Hoboken.  Happy Nightmares minions!

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