Operation Mayhem results on Democratic Committee & vote for Chair set for Monday night

The unopposed line of Column A handed to the Old Guard courtesy of HudCo didn’t stop a minor insurrection among the Democratic activist faithful in Hoboken.

While many of the reform oriented activists were replaced on the line, a write-in ballot campaign undertaken by individuals, partly in tandem with a spontaneous effort called Operation Mayhem curtailed the single line unopposed Line A victory.

MSV can confirm the following results of write-in success on the Democratic committee:

In the second ward, fifth district: Lon O’Sullivan & Ava Schoellnast. In the fifth ward, second district it’s Patricia Kelly and in the fifth ward, fourth district: Gordon & Monique Haas.

Hoboken Democratic Chairman Jamie Cryan has mounted
a serious effort to retain the position. A vote Monday night
has him dueling with Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano.
The underdog may in fact be in range to pull off a huge upset.

The other noted winners include the two announced earlier on MSV, Councilman Dave Mello and his wife Stacy in the fourth ward, district two. They generated almost double digit votes on the machines and even with the vast majority thrown out for incorrect write-in placement and spelling they were successful. (No intent of the voter need apply here.)

In the fourth ward, fifth district a familiar name won with a single vote. While not a participant in Operation Mayhem, she managed to stake out a win.  This commitee woman will be at the table for the entertainment sure to come next week. The 4-5 winning committee woman is Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Combined with the stragglers who were not replaced, Reform will be if not the swing votes at a minimum eyewitness to the showdown when the elected Democratic committee members vote for Hoboken Democratic Chair on Monday night.

Battle Brewing for Democratic Committee Chair

Since the Reform oriented committee members won’t be for sale to a Weehawken fish, Beth Mason is facing a steep uphill climb in her desperate but waning pursuit for the position. One reliable source says she’s out and reduced to begging for the purely ceremonial position of Honorary Hoboken Chair. (The honorarium typically goes to a senior elected official such as mayor or freeholder.)

Current Chair Jamie Cryan is working feverishly culling together votes and one reliable source says he’s in position to win outright.  The conventional wisdom officially thought to be in favor of Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano as it turns out is a dog fight.

The swing votes may not come from any well-known Hoboken family after all but a combination of factors culminating on Monday’s vote. One scenarios says the Reform votes may be the deciding factor and another even more critical is hardware which will remain unannounced here until Monday.

Stay tuned Hoboken; we have some drama on our hands.

Unpopular Councilwoman Beth Mason
wants the Hoboken Democratic Chair but can
a Weehawken fish purchase it for her?
The answer of most is no but a true election race
is emerging between current Chairman Jamie Cryan
and Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano.

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