Hudson County Board of Freeholders meet angry Hoboken taxpayers

A sleepy budget hearing converted into an angry taxpayer fueled group of Hoboken residents explaining to the county legislators the realities of back to back double digit tax increases on Mile Square residents.

As a group, Hoboken residents flat out said the tax bill is unacceptable.

Tonight’s budget hearing of the Hudson County’s Board of Freeholders was broadcast live from Hoboken City Hall courtesy of the City of Hoboken and Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

This is the complete, unedited meeting.  Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Council President Ravi Bhalla spoke about the severe impact of the back to back double digit increases Hoboken taxpayers are facing from the County.

After the completion of the budget hearing, the Hoboken public spoke kicked off by a blistering tax rebuke from Councilman Dave Mello and former Freeholder candidate and Reform’s Phil Cohen.

Last year’s increase of 14% is coupled with a projected 11.5% increase this year.


A number of Hoboken residents attended and a good number stayed and spoke at the end of the budget hearing and that’s when things got real lively. You can forward the tape as you like.

First Mayor Dawn Zimmer addressed the board @ 4:30.
She’s followed by Council President Ravi Bhalla.

The public portion began with Councilman Dave Mello @ the 1:43 mark. He’s followed by Phil Cohen and a number of other Hoboken residents concluding with a Horse.  (Da Horsey felt that other Hoboken residents who came and intended to speak had left for various reasons and added perspective was useful.)

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