Operation Haywire: City Council resolution non-binding on BoE elections


In all the murk and drama of an attempted coup by MORTe on the BoE elections, MSV has learned the legislation passed by the State of NJ allowing a Board of Education to move their election to November can not be stopped by passage of a resolution in the City Council.

According to legal sources in Trenton, the resolution last night if passed had no controlling authority over any action taken by the Hoboken Board of Education.

Last night, MORTe prepared a resolution knowing it could pass but it wasn’t an ordinance that requires six votes, and it would not have prevented the Hoboken BoE from legally acting on February 14th at its next scheduled meeting in either form.

Should the Hoboken BoE be prepared to vote on moving elections to November, widely expected by people on all sides, the City Council resolution last night even if passed has no governing authority.

It’s unclear whether the sponsors, Tim Occhipinti and Terry Castellano will try to bring back their symbolic resolution for some political purpose.  There’s no stopping an affirmative action to move elections to November if a vote is taken based on the recently passed NJ law signed by Gov. Chris Christie last month.

The idea of holding a referendum in November on whether BoE elections should be held in November is available, but disappears with an affirmative vote by either governing body.

Talking Ed Note: Under the circumstances of last night’s meeting, it was unclear what the standing of the action by MORTe actually was but in the end the question is moot.

Both the resolution and political action by MORTe is moot.
It was just them playing politics.  They spend a great deal of time doing nothing but.

MORTe’s phony resolution on the BoE election.  Much ado about a political operation.
Never mind.

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