Operation Bounty launches with $1,000 reward for Absentee Ballot Fraud

The Hoboken Journal and MSV Announce “Operation Bounty”
Initiative to stop Absentee Ballot Fraud
Concern has been elevated on the topic of election fraud and it is raising its serpentine head in the upcoming November 2nd special election for the 4th Ward city council seat. To combat this practice, The Hoboken Journal in conjunction with Mile Square View (MSV) is launching “Operation Bounty,” a plan to take absentee ballot fraud head on with a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any individual disenfranchising the vote using absentee ballots in the Hoboken special election. 
“Operation Bounty” is not partisan and is not affiliated with any campaign, political group or organization.*
The Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View are hopeful for a clean election in November with no malfeasance or electoral skullduggery. In past Hoboken elections, there have been misgivings over the validity of absentee balloting practices and both MSV and the Hoboken Journal extend this reward to discourage any untoward activity that disenfranchises voters. Both the Hoboken Journal and MSV stand together in their pledge to condemn illegal and illicit absentee voting practices by ironically putting our money where our mouth is.
Regardless of which campaign is responsible for any untoward activity, both the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View will honor a commitment to reimburse the person responsible for reporting the incident. The reward is payable for the first tip leading to an arrest and conviction.
An example of absentee ballot concerns was illustrated recently on another website:
PolitickerNJ reporter Timothy J. Carroll has posted multiple stories on the issue of absentee ballot fraud and it’s not even October.  He quoted a resident familiar with the practice:
“I think you’re not going to see 600 absentee ballots in the 4th Ward, or else somebody’s going to jail,” said another veteran of Hoboken elections.”
The Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View wish to thank all concerned Hoboken residents for their consideration and welcome your support. We encourage our readers to spread the word throughout the 4th Ward that the citizens of Hoboken demand fair elections and do not subscribe to the notion of “winning at all costs”.
*Operation Bounty is paid for by friends of the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View. If you wish to make a pledge to support the goal, email or The $1,000 reward will be increased if sufficient pledges become available. Any difference not covered by fundraising will be underwritten equally by both the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View. 
*Paid for by The Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View

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