Councilman Lenz kicks off special election bid with opening, new website

Lenz for Council announces:


What: 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz is opening his Campaign Headquarters
Where: 60 Madison St – Ground Floor
When: Saturday, Oct 2 – 11 am AND Sunday, Oct 3 – 1 pm
4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz will open his Campaign HQ this weekend and will have two events in order to accommodate the busy schedules of 4th Ward residents. 
Mike stated: “With the Arts and Music Fest on Sunday and many people busy with family and sports events on Saturday, we expanded our original opening into to two events. We invite all 4th Ward Residents to come enjoy a hot dog or hamburger and find out more about Mike’s campaign to lower taxes, fix flooding, support balanced development, and finally bring a park to the 4th Ward.

Grab a friend and come see the new space, pick up a window sign, and then sign up to volunteer.

Our opponent is reuniting the Cammarano team to try and stop progress in City Hall. They may be able to throw around money, but they don’t have our secret weapon: YOU!

This is a grassroots campaign and we need to show our opponents that they can’t buy their way to victory.  Show the community that you care about the future of the 4th Ward and the entire city. We won’t let them return Hoboken to the failed policies of past Administrations.”

What: 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz launches New Family of Websites
When:  Right NOW!
4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz has launched a newly redesigned website this week that covers the major Issues in his campaign: Honest Budgets and Lower Taxes, Balanced “Hoboken Friendly” Development, Flooding Solutions, Improving our Quality of life, and Running a Clean Campaign.  In addition, the campaign has multiple ways to connect with the residents of the 4th Ward who may not have the time to attend one of the many campaign events listed on the site, including Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, and Email Updates.
Mike stated: “This election will determine the direction of Hoboken for not just the next 7 months, but for years.  Do you want a return to the failed policies of past administrations and city councils, or do you want to keep progress going in Hoboken? I am proud to stand with Mayor Zimmer in lowering taxes, fighting overdevelopment, and bringing integrity to city hall.  While my opponent was assembling his web of corruption, we were working hard to create a website that addresses the important issues that matter to the 4th Ward.  Please visit our website, see where we stand, share it with your friends, and sign up to get more involved by donating, volunteering, or hosting a house party.”

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