On the comeback trail?


Multiple sources suggest there is a potential Hoboken mayoral candidate contemplating a bid in 2017:

Beth Mason in an earlier photo mulling over an issue on the Hoboken City Council

Reportedly often out-of-state with Virginia a regular destination where a small inn was purchased and previously mentioned on MSV, a Beth Mason third bid for mayor is suggested as under contemplation.

Other sources previously close to the controversial lightning-rod aren’t denying the matter; they’re simply not talking. A well-funded bid for mayor would throw a likely matchup of Freeholder Anthony Romano vs. Mayor Zimmer on its ear.

MSV reported just earlier in premium one former campaign manager in Mason’s 2011 re-election bid for City Council, Ryan Yacco was one of several senior political consultants set for Team Romano.

2017 should be a typical Hoboken year in politics. Which of course means intrigue and surprises.

Talking Ed Note: At first this rumor tied to witness sightings of Beth & Ricky Mason the morning after the election was thought inconsequential and inconclusive. It’s changing based on succeeding days and multiple sources since. Always go with multiple sources; a Horsey tradition.

Consequently, the national scene sporting a Hillary Clinton concession on Election Night than taking it back to join recounts in victorious Trump states is also said to be part of a comeback strategy by sources close to her.

Ron Fournier, Associate Publisher of Crain’s Business and political writer at The Atlantic suggested exactly that in a series of twitter posts.

The series of tweets reached national attention first reported on midwest right of center blog, The Gateway Pundit. The story has been picked up by other national publications. Give the corporate media a couple more days and see if they will touch the third rail.

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