Carmelo Garcia & version no. 3 of his lawsuit survives

Insta-analysis on Carmelo Garcia’s lawsuit in version no. 3 surviving a motion to dismiss

Last month, Carmelo Garcia in his third lawsuit suing everyone, survived a motion to dismiss against Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her husband.

This third version adds a NJRICO claim and this allegation like so many others survives for the moment.

On a motion to dismiss, the court will give every “inference of fact” to the plaintiff. This is all good and well until you must show actual evidence supporting your allegations. Should your allegations turn out to be lacking evidence and be nothing more than a big steaming pile of lies, perhaps there’s confidence in one’s ability to convince others the lies are true notwithstanding the lack of evidence.

Would anyone think such is the case involving one Carmelo Garcia?

Previous versions of the lawsuit were flushed with the first in 2013 thrown out in its entirety and the second mostly thrown out of court.

Here’s the original Hudson County View news story yesterday followed by the legal decision.

Talking Ed Note: Having covered the Hoboken Housing Authority extensively through the period of Carmelo Garcia’s late reign, it’s not overstatement to say much of the allegations here reek of untruths.

The idea Mayor Dawn Zimmer and HHA commissioners, past and present had any interest in directing, controlling or installing her policies to take any personal advantage with contracts, vendors, etc. within that agency is on the basis of all evidence and analysis here utterly false.

The evidence points in the opposite direction and many of those revelations were unveiled on MSV in a number of exclusives.

Carmelo Garcia pocketing money from vendors doing business at the HHA:

HHA audit spells trouble for Carmelo Garcia:

Carmelo Garcia complaining about an ethical HHA board to his wire:

Carmelo Garcia sued by the Hoboken Housing Authority:

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