Mayor Zimmer details critical importance of Corner Cars

Office of the Mayor announces:

Corner Cars Memo to Council

Talking Ed Note: This comprehensive presentation from the mayor to the City Council details the legal aspects of Hoboken’s contract with Hertz along with the 1,000 residents who have already signed up for the program.

Page six shows a color coded map of the users throughout the city.
Page 52 details the ordinance with the 4-4 vote where it failed on first reading.  Those voting no: Terry Castellano, Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti and Mike Russo.  Councilman Nino Giachhi was not present and did not vote at the last meeting.

The next step lies not just with the City Council but with the people of Hoboken who need to have their voices heard.  The next City Council meeting is December 1st.

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You can also download the complete pdf by clicking on the pdf link below:

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