The money behind the shill

As we wind down to Thanksgiving and surprisingly although we thought many were already doing so, the final tally of visitors yesterday was shockingly high, telling us some are focused on Thanksgiving and others are still focused on Hoboken.

In keeping with the theme of giving thanks, a reliable unconfirmed source provided some additional details on late arriving monies on behalf of Tim Occhipinti in the fourth ward council race.

Councilman Tim Occhipinti – his campaign is the focus of an investigation at the County prosecutor level but has also reached the State Attorney General’s Office the same week as his first council meeting.

Some of you with great memories and histories in town will know these names, others may not, but it’s indicative in many respects.  One can sell out but it’s more important not only to know what someone sells out for, but who they sell out to.

On that note, here’s a partial listing as we await the posting of the ELEC reports.  Now Councilman Occhipinti decried the use of “street money,” but it’s his use of money that has risen all the way to the desk of the State Attorney General.

$15,000 insta street money dollars breakdown as follows:

Ricky Mason, husband of Councilwoman Beth Mason
  Literature, etc, in kind contributions – awaiting final four figure tally
Viken Manchkian   $2,000
Peter Eagle             $2,000
Wendy Cherry       $2,000
Robert Lugano       $2,600
Ken O’Neill            $2,600
Louis Carbone        $2,000

Related: A poll worker alleged to walk voters into the polls and the voting machines is now under investigation also at the state level with the Attorney General’s office.

Reports of a certain Assemblyman’s mother on election day in the 4th ward eerily sounds like exactly like what occurred in Patterson.  

One can only hope the much admired State Attorney General Paula Dow will find the manpower to do a full blown investigation on the numerous voting irregularities already arrived in her office.

Based on the comments reported in the Jersey Journal by the Hudson County Prosecutor DeFazio there is currently no criminal investigation, just a review of the county superintendent’s report.  Why he felt it necessary to describe the matter in such a limited way before the actual work is done is compelling.

Then again, this is Hudson County.  When the FBI comes up from Essex County for their regular roundup of political crooks here, they are careful to never contact Hudson County’s law enforcement institutions.  

Smart guys, those boys of summer down in Newark.  Come back soon guys.

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