Nothing to see here…. but a banana republic election in 2020!

Even Democrats are disturbed by the massive growing evidence of widespread election fraud in battleground states and according to recent polling, they are counted among most Americans who recognize Election Theft 2020.

From the people who brought you the Russia Collusion Hoax and now “no election fraud” 2020 mythology.

As seen here, the entirety of it is quite “in your face.” It’s pouring out from everywhere. 

The shocking confirmation Dominion machines in Michigan were tested and found to be set up for the switch of thousands of ballots that went from President Trump to Joe Biden shocked the nation.

The ruse it was a human error turned out to be a complete fabrication. Arizona is so alarmed its State Senate issued subpoenas to test the Dominion machines in Maricopa County where the vast majority of voters reside. (There, as across the battleground states, Democrat election officials block any basic transparency.)

Just like the broken water pipe in a Atlanta bathroom as a reason to “stop the election” and alleged hundreds of thousands of ballots trucked in from Bethpage, Long Island into Pennsylvania only to “disappear” according to the USPS driver, the list goes on and on.

This won’t end well.

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