HCQ proven again as effective early treatment of the ChiCom Virus

 The Big Lie on behalf of Big Pharma has cost an untold number of American lives but the truth inevitably is forcing its way out.

The inexpensive and therefore unprofitable drug HCQ was attacked even with promise early on when used with zinc as an early outpatient treatment for the CCP Virus. But how many thousands of Americans had to die so other more expensive treatments could be given ringing endorsement by people like Dr. Fallacy, Tony Fauci?

One day, the balance sheet will come for the massive criminality there not only with Election Theft 2020.

There was never anything controversial with HCQ which has almost 70 years of safe usage globally and has been given to babies in India to prevent malaria. 

Yes, you read that right: babies.


This truth bomb is dedicated to all the lemmings who swallow Big Lie after Big Lie whole. 

You’re welcome.  

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