No Tim Tebow in Hoboken?

There’s been so much media hype that New York Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow lives in Hoboken it’s almost a certainty.  Well not quite based on some sources who say the man who tebows is not in Hoboken’s city limits and has not been a resident.

Horsey is an honorary Gator and we just heard the sad revelation after thinking Tebow was our neighbor.
Hey, not for nothing we love Eli Manning and wish him and his family the best. He’s been awesome and we bow down to a QB with two Super Bowl rings but…
Damn we love Tebow, he’s a great guy who loves people and lives the faith.
Nothing anyone will say or can do will ever change that.
According to a Newsday story, the Jets Quarterback says he’s never been to Hoboken.
Chalk it up as one of the final lies from Hoboken411.  
Resident or not, Tim Tebow is a New York Jet Quarterback.  Da Horsey loves Tebow.
If Tim Tebow did tebow in Hoboken, we think he’d tebow against corruption.  Rock on Tim!

Tebow has a foundation for impoverished children:

A $25 donation makes you a member and there’s a special t-shirt and other membership benefits.  The website notes… we pride ourselves in keeping our overhead costs as low as possible that way virtually every penny, of every dollar donated reaches the people that truly need it most. Together with your help, we will make a difference!”

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