News picks up the online political “ad” hits

Katie Colaneri who has been doing some pretty professional work since her arrival on the local scene highlighted the new wave of online political communications by local political mavens on youtube.  She highlights two pieces and interviews a professor at Stevens who states this is the wave of the future in political advertising.

Well that’s true in the sense that they are easily transmitted at no cost.  But the real skill is in doing so with adequate entertainment value that communicates both insight, fact and hits the funny bone.  Greg Bond the creator of the “Tim Occhipinti sings,” hits the mark on all three counts.

The other example Colaneri uses is one intercepted earlier by the Hoboken Journal.  It’s a rather Lame attempt to pick up on the cult classic success last July “Jimmy B, downfall of a wannabe shark” using the same website tools at xtranormal with far less effectiveness.

Here’s Greg Bond’s surefire hit that will no doubt soon become a cult classic:

And here’s the original July satire a Lame copycat tried to mimic rather unsuccessfully:

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