Congressional Candidate Henrietta Dwyer ‘Albio what bridge are you trying to sell us?’

Henrietta Dwyer for Congress campaign announces:

The 13th district needs competent and responsive representation.

Congressman Sires boasted to the Star Ledger this week that improvements to the Bayonne Bridge would create 150,000 new jobs. That’s almost 10 times the people it took to construct the Hoover Dam! Our district can no longer afford a congressman who remains aloof from his constituents and oblivious to the economic realities our country faces. Henrietta Dwyer commented on her opponent’s statement this morning.

“I strongly support improvements to our roads and bridges and I also support our small businesses and the jobs they create. Improvements to the Bayonne Bridge are not going to employ 150,000 people or even one tenth that number. Unfortunately, comments like this explain my opponent’s warped view of our economy.”

Albio Sires has given the people of the 13th District uninspiring and feckless leadership when he has given any at all.  He has refused to address the voters and the issues. Every constituent deserves a representative they can depend on.  Henrietta Dwyer stands ready to fill the leadership void.

“This campaign is about more than ribbon cutting ceremonies. With record unemployment in our district it’s time to focus on creating jobs.  Our district needs the kind of jobs that can build and maintain economic recovery. My opponent’s fantasies can not sustain us.”

There is only one candidate in this race that is committed to listening to the people and committed to more jobs for this district, Henrietta Dwyer. Candidate Dwyer renews her call for her opponent to debate the issues.  

“I travel up and down this district every day and listen to the real concerns of the voters. The people I speak to are trying to make ends meet. My campaign is about them and it’s well past time we focused on their concerns. My pledge to the voters is that I will work hard, work smart, and work honorably to bring jobs back to our district.”

About Henrietta Dwyer 
Ms. Dwyer was born in Jersey City, grew up in downtown Union City, and has lived in West New York for the past thirty-five years.  As a lifelong resident of Hudson County, she calls this district home. She received her undergraduate, and Masters Degree from St. Peter’s College and professionally, served as the marketing director of a major New York University Hospital. 

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