NJ warning: “basically the worst-case scenario coming true”

As of 3:00 PM Sunday, one meteorologist put the terms of the hurricane heading to land in NJ this way:

“It’s basically the worst-case scenario coming true,” said Gary Szatkowski, the meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service’s Mount Holly office.

Mayor Zimmer will be issuing additional information on the approaching storm.  Stay tuned and share information and aid with your neighbors.

The calm before the storm is the last opportunity to make preparations.  

Talking Ed Note: Typically, hurricanes travel up inland on the East Coast but we are going to witness something not seen in our lifetime: a Category 1 hurricane landing in New Jersey itself.

The force of a hurricane is typically weakened by moving over land but this storm is combining with cold air pressure increasing its strength and with it the opportunity for coastal flooding far worse than we’ve seen.

You need to prepare for the worst.

Da Horsey strongly suggests you tell your friends and neighbors to talk all precautions with several days of food and water at a minimum and fill pots, pans and tubs with water for sanitation needs.  A toilet can be flushed with the water even with power being out.

Take the steps today because you won’t have an option if electricity goes down for any extended period later.  It’s absolutely likely to occur in NJ with the size of the storm coming ashore here.


If you are in downtown Hoboken, you will see water surges coming in heavy.

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