NJ a disaster area, millions without power, Hoboken suffers heavy flooding

It’s the day after and the State of New Jersey has been declared a disaster area by President Obama with millions having lost power last night and suffering heavy flooding.

According to one report, it will take time for the unprecedented loss of power throughout the state to be fixed.  Based on indirect reports, maybe half if not more of Hoboken is without power including City Hall.

Emergency personnel are working around the clock.  They are also suffering from limited communications.  Please do not call 911 unless it’s a true emergency.

Public Safety needs to apply resources to where it’s absolutely required.  They are trying to perform needed evacuations of people to shelters.  Please cooperate with the City under these trying circumstances.

The City maintains a curfew until 6:00 PM.

You may send photos from your location indoors or reports of concern to

The Day After – Hoboken is seeing massive flooding from the surge.
Many areas are in several feet of water or worse as this from southwest Hoboken.

Talking Ed Note: The worst storm in living memory will test many of us in the coming days.  Be safe, be smart and don’t take chances with electrical riggings or safety.  Storm waters are not to be trusted as electrical wires are down and should be avoided.

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