Flooding devastates many parts of Hoboken

Many areas of Hoboken have seen record levels of flooding.  Early reports are unclear on what ability the one pump can make under these circumstances.  It has its own generators and high tide has passed but the amount of water from the surge of Hurricane Sandy is making many areas of Hoboken impassable.

Water is reported to be receding but overnight did not show positive results at least in lower Hoboken.

Hoboken Public Safety is overwhelmed with many problems from people trapped to gas leaks.

Many areas are locked down due to flooding and cell phone service is spotty.  Cars flooded, even many in garages. Driving in town is prohibited.

City Curfew remains in effect to 6:00 PM.

Governor Chris Christie urges people to stay off the roads and noted via twitter 2.4 million people in NJ have lost power, twice the number after Hurricane Irene.

City announced via its Facebook page:

Reminder: flood waters are a mix of sewage and rain water. Do NOT walk through it. It is a health hazard. Live wires may also be in the water and pose an electrocution hazard. Manhole covers have been displaced and you can fall in or your car can get stuck. Many cars are getting stuck in the flood water. Please stay out. Thank you.

In addition to the City of Hoboken Facebook page, Hoboken Patch is providing timely reports and twitter postings along with MSV.

Hoboken Girl has posted more photos on her website:

View west on Observer – via Instagram

View from the SkyClub in southwest Hoboken

Downtown Dunkin Donuts – they’re not making the donuts.

7th and Willow Street via Twitterpic

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