Nightmare of Roberts Present

John Corea, our former Parking Utility Director under the Dave Roberts and shortly lived Peter Cammarano Administration may now be gone but his spirit lives on. (Mayor Zimmer replaced him with an actual transportation professional, Ian Sacs.) With the holidays upon us, it’s not too soon to celebrate the nightmare of possessed Christmas present brought to you by:
Dave Roberts
Mikie Squared Russo
Terry “I luv the Port Authority” Castellano

It’s hard to believe so much has transpired in 2009 and yet the riches of Christmas have yet to begin.  Although former Mayor Dave Roberts is gone, his spirit lives on in the City Council with the Russo clan.  As we approach the end of 2009, we have the troika of their handiwork to enjoy and savor yet again this Wednesday at the City Council.  Unless of course they had any honor and resigned.  This is Hoboken, that would never happen.  

Photo creation courtesy Jhnny Newman.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  No use by Hoboken411, Perry Kleptomaniac Klaussen, or his minions permitted without expressed written permission of Da Horsey, SmartyJones in triplicate: notarized and at least one stamped hoof print.  Authorized use for one jolly green vegetable with link/citation to Mile Square View and Da Horsey. 

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