8 Candidates up for BOE Trustee Replacement

The recent resignation of Phil Defalco, effective November 30th from the Board of Ed as Trustee is scheduled to be filled Tuesday night.  There’s eight candidates submitted for the appointment.  We are not naming the candidates who submitted as it’s never definite who will follow through and if someone chooses not to, they retain that right to privacy.  

First up on the agenda Tuesday night, all eight candidates will be interviewed before a vote naming a selection.  The process for filling the position is detailed after the jump.

Talking Ed Note: We notice that Hoboken411 has mentioned only one of the eight candidates for the position.  It reminds us of Da Mayor’s famous words two and half minutes in from this clip of “Do the Right Thing. 

HOBOKEN BOARD OF EDUCATION                               FILE CODE:  9113 
Hoboken, New Jersey                                                                     
Advertisement of the Vacancy
Upon the announcement of a vacancy, unless enumerated in the exceptions below, the board shall immediately direct the board secretary to place the following advertisement in the issue of the Hoboken Reporter and the Jersey Journal, or such other suitable newspaper should those periodicals no longer exist, at a size no less than 1/8 page in the earliest available issue as follows:
The Hoboken Board of Education will be meeting on (DATE) to select a Board of Education Trustee to serve through the election of a replacement Trustee through (DATE). It is our belief that the widest possible pool of potential Trustees should be considered, including parents, former students and other interested community members, including those who might not be immediately aware of a potential vacancy. Further we believe that better results will be achieved, and public confidence will be enhanced when such vacancies are filled in an orderly, open and even-handed established manner. We have established a process to do just that.
If you are a registered voter seeking to serve in this position, please submit your one-page resume and/or a one-page cover letter explaining why you should be chosen to the board secretary by (DATE).
Applications can be delivered by hand or mailed to 1115 Clinton Street, faxed to 201-356-3642 or e-mailed to the board secretary. All those who submit applications as above will also be interviewed at the (DATE) board meeting and shall be able to speak on their own behalf.
Advertisement Paid for by the Hoboken Board of Education.
The Board Secretary shall ensure that all particulars of the above advertisement are carried out.
Interviews of Candidates
Interviews shall be scheduled with all qualified candidates submitting application to the board secretary by the posted deadline.  Interviews will be conducted by the board acting as a committee of the whole, unless the board, by majority vote of the full board, delegates such interviews to a committee. Interviews of all candidates shall be conducted in executive session. Discussion and deliberation regarding the merits of the candidates, as well as the board vote, shall take place in a public session.
The board may appoint the person adjudged most capable of filling the vacancy. Vacancies filled by the board shall be by a majority vote of the remaining members of the board after the vacancy occurs, which number shall be five (5) votes.
Under state law, if a vacancy occurs in the membership of the board, the board shall fill the vacancy by a majority vote of its remaining membership except in the following instances, when the matter shall be referred to the County Superintendent:
A.    If the board fails to fill the vacancy within 65 days;
B.    If the vacancy is caused by removal of a member because of lack of qualifications, or results from a recount or contested election, or results from failure to elect; and
C.    If a sufficient number of members do not remain on the board to make up a quorum. In this case the County Superintendent will appoint a sufficient number of members for a quorum.
D.    In the event that a Board vacancy occurs between January 1 and the deadline to place the open position on the ballot for the annual school election, the Board shall adopt a resolution to leave the position open, with a recommendation to the Executive County Superintendent that the selection of an individual to fill the vacancy be determined by the voters in the upcoming election rather than by Board appointment.  At all other times, the Board shall seek to fill the position as set forth above.
Vacancy of Officers
Should the office of president or vice-president become vacant, the board shall, within 30 days thereafter, fill the vacancy for the unexpired term. If the board shall fail to fill the vacancy within such time, the County Superintendent shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired term.
NJSBA Review/Update:                   July 2008

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