Nap Time for Timmy

When you aren’t making noise at a City Council meeting, you need to take a break now and then to catch some zzz’s and Tim Occhipinti is no exception.  He put one member of the audience to sleep droning on as he is wont to do making audience neighbors laugh uncontrollably he was snoring so loud.

Tim followed his example and caught some rest in between his spittingly weak argumentation.

When you wake up crayons!  Coloring books for everyone.

Tim Occhipinti rests between grandstanding and making some of the worst arguments on any issue on the agenda at most every City Council meeting.  Don’t take our word for it, watch and witness the ghastliness for yourself.

Grafix Avenger noted some of the ridiculous behavior during Occhipinti’s waking moments.  His earlier positions supporting animal control have been tossed out by the Old Guard’s lamest source for pumping out nonsense of every variety failing to note the previous Occhipinti vote shouldn’t be confused with his new grandstanding on the matter where no difference in policy is actually reflected in the legislation.

Was that confusing?  No it’s more painful and you will be likely more amused by Grafix Avenger:

Tim Occhipinti HDR graphic courtesy of the Jolly Green Giant

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